Igniting Possibilities

Interested in being a Catalyst of change and begin putting everyone you meet on an equal playing field to create a world where joyful possibilities can be ignited within everyone?

For starters, join me at an upcoming event with other change-makers at the Catalyst Empowerment Summit at 8:30 am PST (11:30 am EST) on August 3, 2021. My session is called “Tune in to your happy, authentic self and unleash your possibilities,” where I speak with vulnerability about my terrifying awakening and how I broke through with a higher purpose.

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If you cannot make that event or would like to hear more, take a listen to my latest podcast interview on The Insider Outsider Podcast, where I have an open conversation with Michael Welp, co-Founder of WMFDP.  The irony is my awakening started with an event hosted by Michael’s team back in 2016.  At this event, I became emotional when I recognized the very people I was holding back, had held me up.  From that day forward, I vowed to be different to make a difference and welcome differences all around me. 

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Five years ago, I had my enlightened moment when I realized I was upside down to contributing to this world as my happy, authentic self. Once I began welcoming differences, I broke through and began living a life rooted in joy, inclusion, and love. I set out an intentional path to igniting happiness, then realized I found my greatest joy through inclusion and enlightening others, which turned into unleashing possibilities for all. I now believe there is a light inside each of us ready to shine when we begin to accept the unique beauty and endless possibilities that reside in each of us.

Learn how to spark the stories in you to shake things up and open yourself up to your path of possibilities. Follow me here and be ready to experience my upcoming book, Live Your Possible, where you’ll gain the foundation to illuminate others and make us all a bit brighter.

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