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At Ignite Happy, we believe true and sustainable happiness is within reach. Our purpose is to help bring out the best in people and organizations.  We help them make the connections to unleash their possibilities and lead to that happiness.

Ignite Happy Blog: Your Weekly Dose of Happiness

Darrin Tulley

Leading With Love to Inspire Greatness

At a company event where I was a speaker, I talked with the organization’s newest managers. I was shocked at what I was hearing. I asked this group how they engage their people, get to know them, and invite them to bring their best selves to work.

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Darrin Tulley

Be The One That Illuminates Others

Do you believe all people are equal and belong wherever? Do you invite others into your circle each day, regardless of what team “they” are on, where “they” are from, what “they” look like, “their” orientation, or what “they” represent?

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Darrin Tulley

“Mirror, Mirror: Ready to Take Steps Forward”

Due to our current circumstances, the stark reality is that millions of people are isolated and may be having feelings of inadequacy, believing they are unworthy of living their dreams. 70% of people claim to feel unhappy and trapped in life’s monotony (The Telegraph, 22 January 2015).

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Darrin Tulley

Break Yourself Wide Open

“To overcome personal and professional challenges, it is essential to learn the soft skills of life. People who feel connected, appreciated, valued and happy are more likely to work with purpose.” Lisa Cypers Kamen

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Darrin Tulley

When it Rains, Let it Pour

When it rains, it seems to pour. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed and even drain our joy dry. How do we tackle these situations and what choices do we typically make? Do we fall victim to the perceived weight of the challenges or actively seek the silver linings that pull us up?

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About Darrin

Ignite Happy was created and founded by Darrin Tulley for people to ignite happy from within and experience the amazing connections that are right in front of us every day. To help people live and see a life of what is possible. As the Chief of Possibilities, Darrin happily encourages action and inspires commitment to change, as if lives are depending on it. He believes our future lives, businesses and communities are starving for this change. Darrin guides humans along a prescriptive path and shows us how to do this in his upcoming book, Ignite Happy. Using happiness and inclusion as the platform for change through keynote speaking engagements and experienced-based learning workshops, Darrin sparks real human change through self-exploration and action. By taking intentional steps each day to rewire the habits holding us back from shining through. Along his journey, Darrin had a personal awakening triggered by the culmination of several events. He pieced these together, forming the Ignite Happy Path for others to embark upon. Through personal experience and shared stories of success, Darrin introduces audiences to begin exploring their own Ignite Happy Path in an entertaining and informative way. He inspires audiences to embrace happiness and other child-like strengths to unleash the beauty living within each of us, which in turn lights up skies wherever they are too.

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Do you need an exciting public speaker for your organization or public event? Contact Ignite Happy. We will provide an engaging and memorable speaking experience while providing your team with new and profound thinking on happiness.

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Whether consulting for a broader organization or coaching individuals, Ignite Happy has a proven and prescriptive process to help individuals make new connections that lead to true and sustained happiness.


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