Happy Ducks Ride the Ripple

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Have you ever received an act of kindness, been shown appreciation for being you, or been recognized for making a difference? It feels terrific. Do you want to keep this feeling alive?

Take a pause when these moments occur and savor each one. Allow yourself to feel something special and connected with a higher meaning. Naturally, it gives a bolt of energy, triggers a smile, sparks a tingling sensation, and fills us with warmth. These acts can turn someone’s day into a positive one or even turn a life right-side up.  

When we slow down to notice the things that generate joy within us are possible, we want to sustain this feeling for good. Seek out the world’s beauty and good with wondrous awe and curiosity. Connect to the things that light you up. It will forever open the transcendent door of happiness. 

It doesn’t mean you will always be happy, yet more light than darkness creates more joy and love in our lives. I connect to this one-eyed smile that appears most randomly in the world when I least expect it. Like our own definition of happiness, each discovery is unique, and it brings me gratitude and calmness to feel the joy we are all worthy of.

This one-eyed smile is intentionally on the Ignite Happy Duck to help you ignite happiness each time you see it or gift it to others. Look at the duck’s face and let it give you that sensation each time. Begin to surround yourself with what brings you these feelings. It is never far away and always within reach if you allow it to be. They will stop hiding if you never stop looking for whatever lights you up. Be purposeful and stop to notice your happy reminders every day.

Be Part of the Ripple Effect of Happiness

  • Share It – show others what is bringing you happiness and create the space where others are willing to share it too. We are all worthy of happiness.
  • Spark It – make another human smile today by performing an act of kindness and help make there day a bit brighter.
  • Gift It – give someone an “ignite happy duck” or another item to help them feel special and it will become a happy reminder that keeps on giving.

Check out the following ways to spark you into action by gifting the Ignite Happy Duck or something else with meaning. Spread happiness through gifting and post a picture of where you placed your duck or where one sits that you receive as your happy reminder on Instagram. Even add a word or brief story of its meaning to you along with the following hashtags – #ignitehappyduck and #ridetheripple.

  • Jeep Ducks – Jeepers have their own community of rituals and one is gifting a duck to another Jeeper as a form of appreciation for the other Jeeper’s rig. Join in the fun by gifting to a Jeeper or any other vehicle with a fun license plate that catches your eye or person that made your day perk up. Place it on the handle of the driver door or windshield to make their day. The driver can proudly place it on their windshield as their happy reminder and connect happy thoughts along their journey or pass it along to someone that lights up their day.
  • Recognition – gift one to a colleague at work for making your day brighter or for making a difference with one of your customers. This will become a symbol of joy sitting on their desk with a desire to repeat this act over and over.
  • Appreciation – show others you care for them by gifting a memento like this, so they know they are special in your life or that you are grateful for them. This may sit on their nightstand, on their kitchen counter or coffee table to put happiness front and center in their life.

When people ask what this memento is, where it came from, and why you have it, it becomes a fun story to share. Let it light you up each time you share the story and its meaning to you. The ripple effect will keep expanding without you knowing it, and the world will be a bit brighter with each ripple of happiness. Ride the ripple!

“Embrace the signs that show up around you and let them reward you with creative thoughts that open your imagination and sense of wonder.”
 – Live Your Possible Book

Other Related Insights to Spark Everlasting Joy

Research has proven that we can improve our physical health and mental well-being, be happier, decrease stress, see life with more positivity, act kinder, slow life down, have better short-term memory, feel more attentive, give more with impact, discover creativity, and feel alive when we put some of these practices into our daily routines.

When you notice happiness in any form that lights you up, it is as if the universe is winking at you to lighten up. It is a mysterious pause button to slow down time and feel the jolt of care when you choose to listen. When you do, it can shape your future and fill you up more than you can ever imagine.


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