Ignite Happy

Darrin delivers keynote talks based on his personal experiences and shared stories of success.

He takes intentional care to meet audience members where they are and incorporates his clients’ organizational themes and strategies. Darrin’s relatable, humorous and vulnerable storytelling makes it safe for people to come alive, unite, and embrace the unexpected possibilities that await. As the Chief of Possibilities, Darrin is an author, keynote speaker, consultative coach, and leader of experiential workshops. He inspires people to connect dots that are vital to a fulfilling life and business, leading to meaningful change with unimaginable outcomes. Ignite Happy is being sought after by individuals, leaders, and teams worldwide to provide the missing link to unlocking human potential and discovering endless possibilities.

Cultural transformations rely on organizational structures and leaders to consistently meet people where they are through genuine and transparent interactions. Darrin believes in the untapped potential in people and inspires them to actualize it.