A S.T.R.O.N.G. You

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Our true authentic self is the lifeline for igniting our true happiness

Thank you for opening your hearts and welcoming my sometimes vulnerable stories into your life.  Through these stories, I hope to inspire you to slow down for a minute or two and recognize what you are capable of being when you are your true self.  I share these stories and ideas with the intention to inspire others to live their story. It takes time to get comfortable and accepting of ourselves.  We have been trained to conform; to be a certain person, someone that does not represent our fuller selves. At Ignite Happy  we show you the path to take prescriptive and intentional steps towards igniting happiness from within that illuminates a brighter future.  For now, I offer you a part of this path to consider taking; the first step. What will your next 30 days look like if you take the chance? Think about taking that first step. Show yourself some kindness.  Take notice of how “strong” words affect you, and begin taking more steps towards being a stronger you.

I encourage you to be S.T.R.O.N.G. from this day forward. Be strong for yourself and all the amazing people that benefit from the fact that you are in their world.  You are a gift to this world with the ability to happily dish out kindness, joy, love, and generosity with genuine care and purpose.

Stand up ready to consciously live your life, you are worth it

Trust with belief can make you unstoppable, dream

Reflect on what you want to be remembered for, purposely live out loud

Optimism is contagious, spark the skies all around you with yours

Now you can be the real you, fully alive, inspire others with your presence

Grow through wonder and inclusion, connect hearts to possibilities

Start by Standing up and being ready for life’s challenges.  Take them head-on. Flip the script and instead of those challenges taking you over or filling your head with paralyzing thoughts, take intentional steps to explore and address these challenges each day.  Opportunities become more abundant over time if you are more open to them.  

Trust ourselves, believe in the good of others and find the avenues that invite others into our lives.  Including others for the beauty and uniqueness, we each have to unleash. Illuminate the light in you and your path shall become clearer.

Not being stuck in the middle or lost in the shuffle, rather enlightening others has all to do with how we Reflect in the world. Positivity sets the groundwork and fuels all the good to come.  Be good, to get good and put joy out in the world and you will see it returned. Expect what you reflect.  Practice being kind and compassionate to yourself, then watch how you are better able to give the same to others.

“Having direction and trust is all about knowing where you are going without knowing exactly where you will end up”

Living with a positive outlook and attitude is proven to have profound impacts on healthier and happier living.  Having the ability to be Optimistic is a choice. Start today and over time, it is just the way you will be; filled with hope while knowing that we are able to change in ways that illuminate a new path.  Your light, when combined with others, can create powerful illumination for others to follow.   

Never underestimate your child-like skills, like creativity and happiness, that are dimmed down over time as we trudge through the adult world.  There are these unconscious biases and learnings taught to us by our society that have us living in a way that we are certain about in our subconscious.  It is scary to think that we have been programmed, like robots, to fall back to our “normal” and “acceptable” state. From Now on, it is our time.  It is time, for our uniqueness to be the new normal.  Now is the time to be accepted by others as we bring our best selves, regardless of where we have come from or what we look like.  I believe you and many others have unique beauty inside, just waiting to be unleashed.   

When we stand frozen for too long, we fall behind.  Some of us are unclear, blurred or even ignorant to the implications of living life rigidly, assuming all of life’s questions are already answered.  Even worse, an unwillingness to change or try new things, accepting an “it is what is” approach that makes it easy to self-rationalize. Growth enables us to change and begin to believe anything is possible.  Amazing growth comes from embracing discomfort with putting ourselves out in the world with vulnerability and accepting where we are.  When we include others and our surroundings as opportunities to learn from, we set up ourselves up to grow fully. I encourage you to come alive with an ever-present ability to be childishly curious.   Our world is better with you in it and even better when you are fully you.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”

– Charles Darwin

Our path is our own and it is ours to own.  Find someone to share it with, to encourage you to take daily steps.   Take a small part of each day to self-reflect with self-compassion and forgiveness intended to ignite your own learning. It is the right thing to do, for yourself.  Nothing or nobody is perfect and I always say that inactivity is worse than trying and not being perfect. Be grateful for each moment and try to commit to setting aside just 15 minutes of each day to take back control of your life and learn from exploring through honest self-reflection.  Your best, future life depends on it. Accept that you are worthy. I believe in you and I am here for you.  

Find joy on your journey and ignite the path ahead!  Happiness doesn’t have to be all-consuming, in every second of your day, it just needs to be close enough that you can reach out and grab it.  It starts from within you. Live and see what is possible.

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