Chapter 13 - Endless Possibilities


Once we believe anything is possible, we are able to bring our dreams into vibrant reality. Enjoy Running Down a Dream, by Tom Petty with me as you continue to expand your mind and bubble to the possibilities ahead.


Take a ride with me and watch Steve Harvey’s inspirational Jump video. Where does this video take you and what does it mean for you? Share with other people with a brief message like, “you can do whatever you set your mind to,” or something that helps someone connect to a place where they need to believe again.


Search for rock formations in Sedona (or other amazing landscapes around the world) that might open you to new surprises. Just have fun searching and discovering.


Research different links by typing in optical illusions, and experience what others have found in our surroundings. Check out this link, for example, "Optical Illusion."


Consider taking a look at whether you see things from a positive or negative lens to become aware of steps to improve or leverage on your path. ( Optimism Test and / or are you a Positive or Negative Thinker? )


Would you be willing to take a bold move to assess yourself on any unconscious biases that may be living inside you? Learn with the idea to create awareness and to take steps to bridge any gaps.


Search out the latest Seven Wonders of the world and go to the original and previous years to learn more. Live in awe and think about how we live with a greater purpose in mind.


Check out what you can experience and create at the Smithsonian. It has granted open access to all forms of art to explore. See what connections you make to your roots and where you are headed.


Revisit any results from your Clifton Strengths Test from Chapter 6 or take the time to seek out your strengths in this test. Connect how your strengths help you execute the steps along your path and list out the possibilities to practice more intently going forward.


1) Test out your creative thinking skills.

2) Grab a paper clip, put one in front of you, touch it, feel it, and look at it.

3) List out all the ways you can use a paper clip.

4) Bring others in to create more ideas together.

5) Pick any other object and repeat the exercise to see how creative you can get and continuously practice opening up your mind.