Chapter 15 - Super-Living Your Possible


Take a quick, Anonymous Survey once you have been practicing daily intentional practice actions from this book for at least two months in a row to share your experiences along your Path of Possibilities to Live Your Possible. Email Darrin Tulley at [email protected] of any enlightening stories from your journey to consider highlighting and sharing in future stories to help others ignite their happy, authentic self and live a fulfilling life rooted in joy, inclusion, love, and possibilities.


Sit back in your chair and listen to songs Let It Go and Remedy, by Zac Brown Band. Think about the journey you have been on, and in particular reflect on what you have been able to let go of and replace with what really matters to you from now on.


People tend to light up when we light up ourselves. Ignite up the sky you live in and beam like a “batman” symbol in the sky calling for all super-living humans to come alive with you and Ignite Happy all around. The more beams shining together, the more light there is to generate and discover all the possibilities for humankind -)


For more ways to look at how love can fill you with joy and contentment no matter where you are on this journey, watch Jason Mraz in his video called Love Is Still The Answer. Sit back and embrace the beauty that connects you with warm feelings to parts of this beautiful montage of people super-living and loving in the life that has been given to each of us.