Chapter 5 - Inclusion Infusion


Take a moment to listen to The Hill We Climb. Seek out what resonates with you and explore what connections you begin to make within you. Carry it as part of your touch to spark the light in others.  


Listen to a thought-provoking conversation between Rosalind G. Brewer and Whitney Pennington Rogers in How to Foster True Diversity and Inclusion at Work, and grow your cultural awareness skills with me. I love the simple messages and ideas about how individuals and companies are jumping in to make a real difference when thinking and practicing authentic inclusion. Think about the practical ideas that you too can try out and leverage in your workplace or across your community.


Listen to another helpful talk to help you identify additional ideas to help you do your part and be an authentic ally. Three Ways To Be A Better Ally In The Workplace , by Melinda Epler | TED Salon Brightline Initiative educates us on the general issues happening at work and in our communities where we can learn how to be better allies and humans to one another.


Read this straight-forward article if interested to learn more about the distinction between “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” here


Use the bridge form to build the on us vs. them theme.