Chapter 8 - Skillsets Unleashed


I met Mr. Ridge at the Happiness at Work Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark where he showcased what it means to be people-first focused and how to embrace mistakes as learning moments. Join me in the front row and take a listen to How Garry Ridge Made WD-40 a Happy Billion-Dollar Business. Identify and connect with at least one “learning moment” that you can take away and put into action where ever you are at work or in the community.


If you’re like me and fascinated by how your brain works and can change, check out Debbie's tools and techniques on her website, where she aims to inspire and encourage you to take control of and change your brain and life for the better.


Try these other meditation links to relax your mind. Jot down what you notice during these sessions. What became present when you focused on it? ( Meditation Link #1 and Meditation Link #2 )


Take a moment and listen to I Can See Clearly Now, by Jimmy Cliff. Imagine how empowering this will be for you once you get there. What things could be better for you when in this state of mind? Meet you there. What a euphoric place!