Connecting the Dots

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Human Connection Is Everything.

In the over forty years of my life, I have been changing, growing and unknowingly trying to make meaningful connections along the way.  At times, most times, I was too uptight and unaware of where to look. I felt a disconnect from my emotions and my purpose. I now understand the bigger picture.  A big part of my revelation is being open to seeking the missing connections. “Ignite Happy” helped me put it all together and is positioned to teach others how to connect in new ways that are the most meaningful to them.

In the day-to-day, many people struggle to find purpose.  There is this innate need to connect, that is being ignored by many.  Once we get to a higher state of connection, we have a better ability to live our life the way we choose.  Sometimes we need to believe it before we can live it. In the Book of Joy, The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu highlighted that “love and connection are all we need and is our state of being.”  Finding links to meaning and relationships drive our interdependence and higher purpose.

Starting to understand ourselves is essential for connection.  It is difficult to find understanding if we are programmed to suppress specific thoughts or emotions.  We need to evolve and continuously change to ignite deep connection and thrive. For example, take a pass on letting your mood turn based on what people are posting on social media.  Figuring out what matters most to us will connect us in seemingly disjointed ways. In these connections, we find the intersection of playful and possible.

Try Seeing Life From Different Points Of View While Taking In The Vividness Around You.

I have made it a personal mission to expand my circle of connections while allowing people to be their full selves.  I have come to realize that taking in more of the vivid life around me has brought me authentic and fulfilling joy. It was right in front of me the whole time. I challenge you to leverage your full mind and to see things openly and fully.  Seek joy in yourself, from others and the seemingly random things all around you.  

Have you ever heard the adage that we only use 10% of our brains?  Science tells us our minds can continue to expand. We have the physical ability to explore and learn in new ways that enable us to make unexplainable, and surprising connections. As kids, we were full of wonder.  When you combine these two words, you form a new and powerful word; that word is won-der-ful. As adults this gives me hope that we can re-ignite the child-like wonder and creativity that fade throughout our adult lives.   

I am going to be straight with you. Part of this journey will challenge you to do different things.  I often talk about seeing life from different views and taking everything in around you at once. When listening to music, do you listen to only the drummer in the song?  Likely not. Putting all the sounds together from a full band sparks the magic that is greater than each musician’s parts. Isolation limits our possibilities. Just imagine if you could open your mind a little bit more every day “create your rock band of happiness.”   

It (Happiness) Is Inside And All Around Us. Make The Connections To Ignite Your Happy. 

I am happiest when I see other people genuinely happy and smiling.  There is a glow you see in someone who has tapped into their inner joy.  Seeing people take purposeful action and watching them experience a paradigm shift in the way they see the world is inspiring.  The “it” factor happens when people find their “inner happiness” through transformational change. New thinking leads to a whole new view of what life can be.  It is about your dreams, not anyone else’s. 

 I am looking to wake people up to what can happen when you choose to pursue happiness. Igniting Happiness begins from within. I encourage you to see a life of what is possible.  I aim to inspire people to work on themselves; to find their “it” and to have the commitment to pursue it (no pun intended).   

We all deserve happiness based on our definition. Let’s create a ripple effect of positive change, one “me” at a time.  For starters, think of something you are grateful or thankful for when you awake each day and begin connecting your day with positive thoughts. 

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