Darrin Speaks on Happiness

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Ignite Happy is excited to release Darrin Tulley’s first video footage speaking about happiness and where it comes from.  Darrin playfully talks about how “Consuming happiness can be fun, yet being consumed by happiness is exhilarating!” Take a road trip with Darrin and begin to ignite your happiness from within.  

Click here to view: https://youtu.be/VnkHqYFC4fs

The video is an excerpt from Darrin speaking at the Fairfield Happiness Club in January 2020 (Learn more about happiness clubs at www.happinessclub.com).  Darrin’s speaking topic was called “Happiness as a Path to Possible.” He took the audience on a journey discussing why happiness is a platform for sustainable change and delivers genuine care in his stories, covering the spectrum of emotions through vulnerable moments and connections.  So many people are isolated these days, some walking through life in a zombie-mode and even more, are feeling they are not worthy of being happy at all. It is blurring our ability to see vividly and is holding us back from joyfully living a life filled with possibilities.Follow along and “live your possible!”  Darrin will be posting more videos each month.  Be informed when the next one posts by joining the mailing list on www.ignitehappy.com or subscribe to Ignite Happy’s YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnkHqYFC4fs&t=8s.  Read more about this story on Darrin’s blog, https://ignitehappy.com/?p=219,  or go to www.ignitehappy.com to enjoy other doses of happiness.  Darrin wishes you excellent health, well-being and an abundance of happiness -).

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