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We need to evolve and continuously change to ignite our inner happiness and thrive.

Too many people settle into their day-to-day and are on a path that is far from what they dreamed life would be. A survey from The Telegraph showed a full 70% of respondents feel stuck in a monotonous routine where they feel unhappy. As a result, people are either falling into a rut, withdrawing into a cocoon, or becoming zombie-like robots. Too many people are settling into an “it is what it is” pattern of living, giving up on trying to grow and thrive continuously. This line of thinking limits potential and suppresses true happiness. I challenge each of you to aspire to something more.

Consuming happiness can be fun; however, being consumed by happiness is exhilarating.

It is difficult to find real joy and compassion for one’s self or for others without inner happiness. We have been trained to think that being happy is something that just happens or is something that we consume.  In fact, products are sold to us to consume with a subliminal message of happiness.  Thinking if we buy or use such products, we will be happy or happier.   Let’s take a road trip together and experience this together. You can start your day with a trip to a coffee chain that advertises a “happy days” promotion, or a donut shop that displays “happiness is better shared” with a box of donuts in the picture. Why not go to the “happiest place on earth” on vacation, grab a “happy meal” for lunch, stop at the “corner of healthy and happy” to fill a prescription or do some shopping in a store with the tagline “You. Happier.” I can order a beer called Be Hoppy at my local pizza joint. For dessert, my favorite ice cream shop sells ice cream cakes encased by a box labeled “Euphoria to go.” It is good to know that when we get tired of consuming all of this “happiness”, we can sleep on a mattress that claims we can “sleep happier.” Stop to see what you are being sold and then reflect for a minute on what really makes you happy. Share your learnings with me at [email protected] or post on this blog; We are taught to believe happiness is temporary, like a sugar high or even that it is artificial. How can we not be happy by the end of the day? It is all around us. All of these consumables help us get through the day, yet leave us with a feeling of emptiness. The consumption of “happiness” is a temporary fix that pales in comparison to a more profound human connection; to true inner happiness.

There is this innate need to connect, and we need to believe happiness is attainable before we can live it.

It is striking to me that when I talk about the word, happy, many people flinch because discussing true happiness is so uncomfortable to them. Some people snark at me. I see some people pull away as if they aren’t interested in being happy at all. Adults have real-world problems and obligations. Is the attainment of true happiness something “real” adults should even think about or discuss? When I connect with people open to change and wanting more happiness, I often see them tilt their heads with interest. Their eyes light up, and some even share happy tears of hope. I have chosen to devote my time and energy to the emotion/ word “happy” as I believe this is the catalyst that will jolt people into living a life of what is truly possible. While happiness ebbs and flows over short periods, a true foundational, inner happiness helps us handle life’s complexities and unfortunate events more quickly. It empowers us to see the silver linings in life that can propel us forward. True happiness is not a destination, but a journey that takes self-reflection and vigilance. There is no real end to a rainbow, yet the beauty along its arc is something to see. That being said, this blog is not about rainbows and unicorns. It is about being open-minded and doing the work needed to find real, sustainable happiness. Welcome to the journey.

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