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“Ignite It From Within”

“To overcome personal and professional challenges, it is essential to learn the soft skills of life. People who feel connected, appreciated, valued and happy are more likely to work with purpose.”  Lisa Cypers Kamen 

To find out how breaking ourselves open personally and professionally can lead to greatness, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with Dr. Diana Wong about strategic planning for implementing change in business and life. And, Darrin Tulley who works with people and teams to spark their curiosity and ignite their joy.”

Darrin Tulley began his career as an accountant and later discovered he loved connecting with humans even more than numbers. Along the way, he had a personal awakening. It changed his focus on igniting others to break wide open with happiness and limitless possibilities. Listen to Darrin in his debut podcast and find the avenues to explore new ways to fill your life to the brim with opportunities.  

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Enjoy key excerpts from the podcast which are outlined below with the estimated time tracks for fun referencing as you follow along.  Additional links are provided below to help you delve deeper into the stories and perhaps, even inspire you into action.  

Darrin recalls the time he created a local paper where people in the community openly shared their joy. [38:00] (“People will amaze you in unexpected ways if you allow them to.”  Read more @ Upside Down: Results First, People Second.)

Using happiness, Darrin helps people and teams become the most of what they can be. [40:31] (“Our true authentic self is the lifeline for igniting our true happiness.” Read more @ A S.T.R.O.N.G. YOU!)

When Darrin recognized he was not authentically living his purpose to bring out the best in EVERYONE, he became intentionally vulnerable to his shortcomings with a new level of inclusion that sparked an awakening to his life’s purpose. [40:50] (“The moment that woke up Darrin’s consciousness was a very raw experience, where his blissfully ignorant bubble burst.” Read more @ Happiness is Never Far Away.)

Darrin’s bubble expanded from a powerful learning moment [42:00] to a turning point that allowed Darrin to “break wide open rather than be broken into little pieces.” [42:50]   (“Authentically Share and Unleash Possibilities.” Read more @  Unmask What Really Matters.)

Darrin commends Jane Dutton, for her research about the importance of having a “Positive Reservoir” to pull from for resiliency, compassion, and inspiration.  Darrin recalls how he has discovered and surrounded himself with joyful and positive reminders to help him believe happiness is a path to limitless possibilities.  [43:38]   (“We need to evolve and continuously change to ignite our inner happiness and thrive.”   Read more @ Light Up Your Sky and learn more about Jane Dutton, Co-Founder of the Center for Positive Organizations at University of Michigan’s Ross Business School.)

Lisa shares how we can see through a different colored lens and Darrin sharpens his focus to enlighten others to the beautiful light inside each of us waiting to be unleashed. [45:30]  (“Embracing differences will unleash possibilities.”  Read more  Celebrating Being Different.)

Darrin speaks of trying to spark and ignite something in others to be more joyous, more creative, and connected with people. [46:00](“Happiness helps to lift the fog from seeing and living what is possible.” Read more @ Why Focus on Happy?)

Darrin discovers his higher purpose and life goal, in one word from a “Lead With Joy” workshop, led by his mentor Richard Sheridan.  Darrin’s word is “possibilities” sparking his commitment to igniting happiness in others. [47:35] (“Open doors to new possibilities that once felt out of reach.” Read more @ When Joy Meets Happy and learn more about the  Richard Sheridan and “Lead With Joy” Workshop.)

Childhood innovation and creativity can be rekindled to create a spark of greatness. [48:18](“Always prepare as your best and when the opportunity arises you will deliver your best.”  Read more @ Growth Comes From Effort, Not Outcomes.)

Take a moment to think of your “toothpick race” memory and capture a childhood memory where you were most creative and joyful. [51:40](“Re-ignite the child-like wonder and creativity that fade throughout our adult lives.”  Read more @ When it Rains, Let it Pour.)

We learn through trial and error while figuring out how to access our best selves through deep compassion and connection. [53:43]  (“When we connect with our happiness, we find ourselves at the intersection of playful and possible.” Read more @ Connecting the Dots.)

Darrin feels at home in this environment, the Positive Organizations Conference, and joins Lisa as a choir member to help other people sing with positivity and joy. [55:00] (“Doing selfless acts for the good of the team and acting out what we say we are going to do, build trust.”  Read more @ Servant Coaching.)

People are growing stuck in Corporate America, where “smart” technology is dumbing humans down, numbing emotions, and leaving many to feel powerless.  [55:20] (“Feeling self-limited keeps us stuck while being limitless fills our world to the brim with opportunities.”  Read more @ What Words Might Be Holding You Back.)

Failure should be fun and a means to greater achievement. [56:28](“Allow your happiness to be a dance; to come alive and live out loud.” Read more @ Dance Out Loud.)

Lisa emotionally states “IMAGINE” once Darrin opens up about looking at life with curiosity and wonder, finding new ways to be better human beings…imagine if we all did that and projected positivity out into the world. [57:35] (“Many people will say they are not creative, not good at brainstorming new ideas or no longer imaginative as they were as a child.” Read more @ Pop with Actions and Connections of Joy.)

“Singing the tune is happiness in action,” says Lisa, where we are igniting others to be the best they can be. [58:00] (“Having compassion for others is not a one-way proposition.”  Read more @ Giving Back, The Two Way Street of Gifts.)

Darrin blushes as he speaks to being authentic, vulnerable, and willing to share his emotions more as a white male in Corporate America. [58:45]  (“Invite happy Inclusion and create joy at work.”  Read more @ Ridding Them, to Become Us.)

Lisa profoundly shares “run with the goodness: where we find our attention is where we find ourselves; if we put our minds to the “art of the possible” then our world opens up.” (1:00:00) (“Consuming happiness can be fun, yet being consumed by happiness is exhilarating!” Watch more @ Being Consumed By Happiness.)

Darrin now looks through a child’s eyes with a curious sense of wonder; clearly seeing an abundance of possibilities that were once blurred by daily obligations and routines. [1:00:30] (“It is amazing what is right in front of us when we are open and curious to see what is possible.” Read more @ What the Heck is “WG”? or watch on YouTube @  Our Happiness is Never Far Away)

As the Chief of Possibilities at Ignite Happy, Darrin is guiding people to unleash their happiness from within and connect with the amazing possibilities that are right in front of them. Begin to do your part and let the kid inside you, that believes anything is possible, come alive. Allow yourself to play and try new things. Be open to doing silly things again.  Accept your imperfections. Embrace being vulnerable and authentic.  When you begin to open up with an intentional curiosity, opportunities and happiness become plentiful. Live your possible!

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